About Us

Pay it Forward, Give Back, Community Support…

…these are the concepts that GiveArang is built upon.

Toss a boomerang and it always returns to the thrower

Here’s how that happens

GiveArang provides a commerce-based community where buyers and sellers of goods and services meet to transact business. But unlike the thousands of other commerce-based communities, sellers have the opportunity to donate a portion of their revenue to any community, national or international charity or educational organization they deem worthy of support.

It’s a Win-Win Solution

GiveArang provides fundraising tools for schools and charities to attract the financial support they need while also providing the means/tools individuals and businesses need to generate income.

Send your money into the community using GiveArang, and it will return to you ten-fold.

Our Story

GiveArang was created by group of talented and dedicated parents and individuals that tirelessly have been putting all their efforts into bringing fresh ideas into fundraising for schools, charities, and all nonprofits in general. We have experienced first hand the complexity and the costs involved managing fundraisers and how little sometimes these efforts turn into reasonable donation amount for the organization. GiveArang has utilized the power of technology by streamline these efforts in a manner where community members will have multiple options to help schools, charities, and nonprofits in their own terms. We have created a market place for community members that is consist of individuals whom some have daily jobs and careers and some perhaps out of job due to current economical down time, and some small local businesses that are again hurting because of the same reasons as others do – to meet and transact business for a common cause: Helping their community’s schools, charities, and nonprofit organizations. Any transaction that takes place in GiveArang.org will have at least 10% of it to be donated to a school, cause, or a nonprofit organization directly without any middle-man. AND THIS IS OUR POLICY.