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Setting your own online auction is very EASY, FREE and RWARDING. Take it for a test drive and see for yourself.

How it works...

After completing your FREE and simple membership at GiveArang, by following few simple steps, you can post your items in our auction and help your community too.

Here is how:

  1. Select a category for your post
  2. Select which charity, school, or nonprofit organization should receive the benefits (minimum 10% of the proceeds), or whether the buyer of your item will get to choose that organization. You also make a desicion who should pay the percentage of proceeds which you selected above - buyer or seller. (whoever pays it, will get full tax deduction benefits)
  3. describe your item, upload photos, set your pricing
  4. Broadcast your posting on Twitter, Facebook, and many others
  5. You are notified of all bids - you sell your item
  6. The percentage you selected will get deducted from the final sell price and get donated to the charity that was selected by the seller or the buyer (depending on which option was selected on step 2) directly.

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